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25 Good Reasons to Call the Days

Since sharing with friends makes life much more fun, we decided to offer at least 25 good reasons to contact us and perhaps we can help you in a way that you haven’t thought about or considered.  Being in Real Estate for so many years has provided us the opportunity to know service providers that we trust, recommend and refer.  Based on years of experience and attending every class that time allows, we are in a good position to be of assistance for you. 

Listed below are some common questions we’ve been asked:   

1.         I want to protest my taxes.  Could you do a Complimentary Market Analysis for me?


2.         Can you get me in contact with a Realtor in another city or state?  My friend (or family member) wants to sell (or buy) a house.


3.         I have questions about mineral rights and I need to talk to a Real Estate Attorney.  Know one?


4.         Should I sign this gas lease?  Will signing it affect the future resale of my home?


5.         Didn’t you tell me that you knew a company that could help me make my home more energy efficient?


6.         I’m leasing right now but I want to purchase a home in the very near future.  What steps should I take to start the process?  Oh, by the way, who would you recommend for a moving company?


7.         What is a Homestead Exemption?  Who do I contact to get it?


8.         I’m having trouble making my house payments.  It seems like foreclosure could be a possibility.  Any suggestions?


9.         Can you recommend someone to help me with decorating ideas?


10.       I want to purchase a new home.  How do I choose a builder?  Can you help me through this process?


11.       I’m thinking about refinancing.  Do you have any recommendations? 


12.       What upgrades and improvements could cause me to be overbuilt for my neighborhood?  What is your opinion about the values of certain home improvements?


13.       I need to have a Will drawn (or, I’m going to have to start the probate process).  Know anyone who’s a really good Wills and Probate Attorney?


14.       My kids are growing up so fast and I am wondering how I’m going to able to afford college.  Do you know a Financial Planner?


15.       I’ve discovered water damage in the living room.  You told me to call you before calling my insurance company.  What do I need to know?


16.       I know somebody who wants to buy a house (or sell one).  Here’s their name and telephone number and I told them you would call them.   That is what you prefer I do……right?


17.       Our roof is falling in and our fence is falling down.  Do you know anybody who’s not a fly-by-night?


18.       My “Honey Do” list is just getting longer and longer.  Do you know a good handyman so I can get more things done and make my wife happy?


19.       What should I do if I think I have hail damage, foundation problems and termites….besides robbing a bank?


20.       I need to visit my ailing grandmother who lives in another state real bad, but I don’t know anybody who’ll feed and water my ten cats and eight dogs.  Know anybody I can trust?


21.       My pool has something green floating in it and my kids are scared to get in.  Could you either come clean it or recommend someone who would?


22.       I’m remodeling and need the services of a plumber and an electrician.  If I try to do it, I’ll either flood the house or electrocute myself.  Who do ya’ll know?


23.       I’m moving out of state and will need a Realtor there.  Is there any way you can refer me to a good one?


24.       I just don’t have time to keep the yard up anymore.  Who does your yard?


25.       I’ve got more problems than Carter has pills.  I need a chimney sweep, a CPA, a carpet cleaner and a dentist.  Wait a minute…I need to get some paper and a pencil.  Sure glad you two know a lot of good people.  


Please feel free to call and ask ANY questions.  We are happy to help!!


Darryl and Gina 

Oh, by the way…….We just wanted to let you know that we are here to help you, your family members, friends or co-workers anytime and we are happy to do so.  Our telephone number is (817) 283-3338.